Slater Herman, Images of Nothing

Friday August 4th thru Friday September 29th
First Friday Reception: August 4th, 6-8pm

Artist Statement
This grouping of photos explores the mundane, familiar and the essential. All things we experience on an everyday basis, all very normal and all typically uninteresting. While on a trip to the southern border of the United States I found myself interested in moments that felt subtle, like they occurred so naturally that they could be easily passed by if not documented. With the heightened sense of your surroundings that comes with traveling I found I was attracted to the familiar. Things I saw, things I knew and things I am accustomed to. The details of nothingness are presented constantly, it’s up to the observer to appreciate them.


Artist Bio
Slater Herman is a photographer working in Los Angeles, California. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography, Slater is pursuing his Masters degree in Art Business with an interest in exploring photography’s place in the fine art world.